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MSI’s Mary Murray quoted in latest GBR report on Mining in Ontario


From page 76-77 in the GBR Report:

Getting Ontario’s youth involved in the mining industry:

The mining industry is facing a major skills shortage worldwide. In Canada, however, there is talk of a lost generation of miners as young people turn to what they consider higher-skilled employment. This is a huge problem for Canada’s mining industry: according to the Mining Industry Human Resources Council, nearly 146,000 workers will be needed over the next decade to replace retiring mining workers.

However, it is not up to the mining industry itself to recruit new talent. Another challenge to recruiting young workers to the mining industry is overcoming their prejudices.

“Most students, even in engineering, do not realize the potential of a mining career; it is not like it was in the nineteenth century,” said Mary Murray, principal at Mine Staffing International. “A lot of this stems from the fact that mainstream media does not like to cover mining stories unless it is negative coverage. We are not reading stories in traditional media about the successes of mining and all of the progress that has occurred.”

To read the full GBR report click here here.